Happy New What ?

Posted: يناير 1, 2012 in خواطر, عام
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This was written in 2nd January 2011..

Happy New…

Happy New what ? Happy New what ?

Happy New Kids to be Killed everyday

Happy New War to be Held someday

Happy New cesspool on the way

Happy New Women to be Raped in Street

Happy New Jews Colony

Happy New Look to Make

Happy New girl to be Lez

Happy New Man to be Gay

Happy New Singer Produce his Album On May

Happy New what ?, Happy New what ?

Happy New Bank to Be Rob

Happy New Place to Corrupt

Happy New Bribe to Take

and New one killed by Mistake

Happy New Drugs to Smoke

Happy New Bullets to Use

Happy New Epidemic to spread

Happy New Film so dirty

Happy New Song so Filthy

  1. sara كتب:

    Nice , , but i wish this year to be better than 2011 and to contain events that will spread
    happiness all over the glob


  2. Hadari Tomaz كتب:

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