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Time Magazine

Time Magazine Cover About Egyptian 2nd Revolution.

I found this cover in Time Magazine website on an article about telling the world that Egyptians didn’t gave a chance to the Ex-President “Mohammed Mursi” although he was the first President to be given a “fair” election! And now Time Magazine is talking about Democracy and elections? If they’re going to talk, then why were they supporting the Revolution in January 25 – 2011? In 2005, regardless of  weather the election were fair or not,  Mubarak was still elected! people gave him their votes too , the U.S.A. government supported him like hell, you could that they “sang songs” about him! When the people in Tahrir Square demanded that Mubarak’s Regime be brought to an end, the US government realized that they cannot support him anymore and that the power was in street now, so they began to support the Revolution and asked Mubarak to step down.