Another American Puppet Fall down!

Posted: يوليو 14, 2013 in English Articles, ثورة, سياسة, عام
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Time Magazine

Time Magazine Cover About Egyptian 2nd Revolution.

I found this cover in Time Magazine website on an article about telling the world that Egyptians didn’t gave a chance to the Ex-President “Mohammed Mursi” although he was the first President to be given a “fair” election! And now Time Magazine is talking about Democracy and elections? If they’re going to talk, then why were they supporting the Revolution in January 25 – 2011? In 2005, regardless of  weather the election were fair or not,  Mubarak was still elected! people gave him their votes too , the U.S.A. government supported him like hell, you could that they “sang songs” about him! When the people in Tahrir Square demanded that Mubarak’s Regime be brought to an end, the US government realized that they cannot support him anymore and that the power was in street now, so they began to support the Revolution and asked Mubarak to step down.

What the sophomoric American politics failed to realize was that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces held an unexpected meeting to discuss the situation. They then finally made the decision to support the Revolution and asked Mubarak to step Down quietly, to which he did (though he was still under house arrest). Now thanks to “American Democracy”, we had the Military Coup! Unfortunately they couldn’t call it that.

They realized that Mubarak is no longer the President and also no longer the leader in the Middle East. Even if he did stay, he would not be able to stay more than 6 months until the Next Elections, to which he also stated that he would not participate in them. So they took a wise decision to stand with the people, beside, any other stand would weaken Egypt and leave it in total disorder.

When the Next President, Mursi, was elected by 51.7% (13 million vote), we “Egyptians” wondered when we found the American government supporting him, even though he belongs to Islamic Party and a member of the group know as Muslims Brotherhood. This group made communications with terrorists in Sinai to support Mursi. Do you understand yet? The American government is support a group of terrorists which they claim to be their enemies???? Let’s face it, the fact is Mursi is a very good president for one thing only. To let Egypt crumble in such a short time!!! Let’s not forget that Israel was fine with him also, to which the U.S. Ambassador of Egypt state that “Israel will conquer Egypt at the end of 2013”!

Now the people of Egypt realize the dirty deal between both sides, and come to the conclusion to form  another Revolution with 30 million protester on record making this the biggest protest ever in the Middle East and maybe even the whole world! This is something that made Obama very cross! With his new Americanized puppet being cut from its strings, he watches Egypt try to bring an end to the chaos that has erupted. His first reaction to the situation is that he ordered the US Congress to review the aid being given to Egypt and then he asked to to have the Ex-President released.

The weird thing is the media ( CNN, BBC & Al Jazeera ) is walking side by side with the government. Basically  it’s not supporting the Revolution because the U.S.A., UK, and Qatar are not supporting it. However, on the other side you will find that the Russian, the Saudi Media, and Al Arabyia Channel supporting the Revolution because Russia, Saudi Arabia and Emirates are supporting it. So we are facing a corrupted Media from all over the world. This makes Time Magazine just as corrupted as the rest of them by criticizing the Egyptian Democracy and be dogmatic to the supporters of Mursi’s Regime.

What I want to say is that the USA doesn’t care about Democracy in Egypt or how fair the elections are. They the only thing that they care about is their own interests. And what is in their best interest? In 2011, they wanted to be with the Revolution so they told Mubarak to step down and told us that it was not a Military Coup. When they found that their interests with Mursi so it’s not Revolution and it is a Military coup.

Here in Egypt, Democracy is when people demand for something to be done, it’s not a request. IT IS AN ORDER! Power is here in the streets! You want to call it a Military Coup? Go a head. I call it a Revolution! 30 million people demand Mursi to step down, so it is an order!

I really ask that if Obama does care so much for his nation that he not use his money to fund  terrorists squads in Sinai to destroy Egypt, but rather support hospitals, the education system, and the poor in USA!

** Special Thanks for Antonia Bowers for Reviewing the article.


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